YHM Consummation: ‘Kiss, Slap and Romance’ for Raman and Ishita

YHM Consummation: ‘Kiss, Slap and Romance’ for Raman and Ishita
The ‘consummation’ track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms) between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has created quite a lot of buzz among fans. With the two finally taking their relationship forward, gear up to see a high dose of emotion, drama and romance in the coming episode.
As seen so far, Ishita had been quite upset over the fact that Raman ignored her and danced with Mrs Tandon. Ashok (Sangram Singh) will spike her drink, and take her to a room, to irk Raman. But the man would come in time and stop Ashok from fulfilling his evil deeds.
With Ishita being in an inebriated state, Raman would decide to take a room in the hotel, to avoid the family seeing her in that condition. And there and then, the entire drama will begun (thundering sound!)
Shared a source, “When Ishita will come back to her senses she will confront Raman on flirting around with other women and not even finding her attractive. The two will have a huge showdown, wherein Raman would also tell her that he hated the fact that she changed herself to a modern woman from the simple soul.”
And to tease her further, he would say that he danced with the other lady as she was hot (he he!). Furious with her husband openly flaunting his choice, Ishita would plant a tight slap on his cheeks. He would then further say that he really enjoyed the hot company, when Ishita would slap him twice.
Furious by her actions, Raman would go ahead to kiss her passionately and that is how the entire consummation will begin.
Superrrrr cool…isn’t it???
Raman-Ishita will then romance to Kalyug’s popular track Tujhe dekh dekh and sparkle up your TV screens with their sensual romance.
We tried reaching the actors but they remained unavailable to comment.
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