Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s ex-boyfriend Subramanium enters the show!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita’s ex-boyfriend Subramanium enters the show!
Ishita’s ex-boyfriend Subramanium has made entry to her life to haunt her. But will she fall into the trap?
In the recent episode, we saw Ishita, Raman, Ruhi and Aditya enjoying dinner at a restaurant. Raman pulls Ishita’s leg by pretending to have forgotten his wallet home. He gives many excuses to succeed in his plan and asks Ishita to wash the utensils to make-up for non-payment of restaurant bill.
When Ishita suggests that they could even talk it out with the staff to solve the issue, Raman opens up saying how he was joking to avenge the prank Ishita played on him the last time.
The family enjoys the meal and has a good time together. However, while having ice-cream, Ishita’s root canal start aching terribly. Raman returns home with her and the kids. The Bhallas suggest Raman to take Ishita to the new dentist who just moved in a few days back nearby their residence.
Romi and Raman bring Ishita to the dentist’s residence. They find a car parked outside the venue and wonder if it belongs to Ms Sujata, their lawyer. Raman rings the doorbell of the dentist’s residence which is answered by a young man named Dr. Subramanium (Amit Tandon). The doctor calls them in and goes inside to bring his kit. Ishita gets suspicious hearing the doctor’s voice and gets shocked to see her ex-boyfriend Subbu standing before her. All the past memories of how she started dating Subbu and how he broke up withher for her inability to bore children make Ishita bitter and emotional. She asks Raman to leave the place while Subbu stands silently with an expression of remorse on his face. Just then, Ms Sujata comes from behind and introduces herself as Subbu’s MIL. She asks Ishita not to leave abruptly and informs her that it was Subbu who had asked her to solve Ruhi’s custody issue to repent for his sin. She further reveals that Bala was helping them in this case.
Subbu begs for forgiveness from Ishita but the latter leaves his house saying he should tread his own path and let her walk on hers.
Later, Ishita confesses before Raman how she had planned her whole life and career, since the age of 15, keeping Subbu in mind but he broke her heart by parting ways with her for her barrenness. Ishita realises Raman’s awkwardness and stops talking about her past.
On the other hand, at his residence, Subbu speaks to Sujata and expresses a strong wish to been forgiven by Ishita so that Bala and he could be as close as they were before the big fallout.
What effect will Subramanium’s entry will have in Raman and Ishita’s conjugal bliss?
Stay tuned to know more!