Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Divyanka Tripathi talks about her new glamorous look

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Divyanka Tripathi talks about her new glamorous look

‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ actress Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita is Rising the roof with her new avatar. From going through a murder trial, spending time in jail, and then getting murdered in cold blood by hubby Raman, now Ishita re-entered the Bhalla family in her new sizzling look.

Ishita’s entry into the family as Mr. Raichand’s daughter Sayana has been planned by Raman and Ishita as they want to take revenge from Ashok (Sangram Singh) and Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) for ruining their lives.

This is for the first time in Divyanka’s acting career that she has shed her sari-clad Bahu look and is seen in a glamorous avatar with a short hairdo and modern clothes.

Talking about her new look, she says, “It is totally different from whatever I have done in the last 12 years. Nobody has ever seen me in this look. I am not sure how long my new avatar will last, but I am really enjoying it. I feel like a totally different person. I love my new hairstyle, my dress and my face. My character will hopefully be a style icon for the youth.”

Divyanka has also posted her picture with a short crop on her Instagram account. It is most likely her new look for the show.

The actress who has long tresses in real life, has not gone for a haircut for her makeover. In fact, she’ll be wearing a wig. Asking about difficulty for tied up long hair for several hours for wearing wig she replied “I have performed more tiring stunts like fighting with a crocodile in a lake, jumping off from a cliff, swimming across the lake, other underwater sequences and playing the ghost, so tying my hair for long seems nothing in front of it,”