WorldLaughterDay: The funniest avatar of Bittoo Sharma on Comedy Nights

WorldLaughterDay: The funniest avatar of Bittoo Sharma on Comedy Nights
Kapil Sharma is one funny man on his show Comedy Nights With Kapil. But when he dons the roles of various characters on the show, he is funnier and wittier. On World Laughter Day, we trace five of his funnies alter egos. Take a look:
Sittoo Sharma:
Bittoo’s dumb twin brother is a treat to watch because of his foul language and unique dialogue delivery. His curly hairdo and crazy clothes make him completely different from his more refined, yet equally dumb sibling. While Bittoo hits on the female celebs on the show, his whacko brother behaves rudely with them and disappears in the middle of the act! But we love watching him on the show and hope to see him again soon. What say?
Inspector Shamsher:
Loosely based on Kapil’s own inspector father, he dons the character of Shamsher whenever he’s in the mood to give us gyaan. He does a fine job in this avatar, perhaps because he is closest to this! His body language, his line delivery and his connect with the audiences is right on cue. We wish he brings this interesting character back on the show.
As an old woman:
He once donned the garb of an old woman to give tough competition to both Dolly dadi and Pinky bua. Even though he wasn’t a match to the already established actors in the female role, his natural wit and fun quotient made the episode an awesome one. We love how he can adapt to any role and deliver a kickass performance without barreling an eyelid. If that’s not professionalism, what is?
As a qawwali singer:
He once played the role of an accomplished qawwali singer, who crooned the best heartbreak numbers for his dedicated audiences. He is a good singer so it wasn’t difficult for him to put his skills to test. Despite the songs being a sarcastic take on everyday issues, he rendered them beautifully. If you are a fan of cause-related comedy, you must watch this episode!
As a doctor:
His doctor alter ego came with the weirdest of diseases and solutions that not only made us laugh, but also understand the plight of actual doctors! From the huge injection that he used on his patients to flirting shamelessly with his nurses, he made for a funny doc. Did you guys enjoy it?