WorldLaughterDay: 10 Comedy shows we want back on TV

WorldLaughterDay: 10 Comedy shows we want back on TV
World Laughter Day makes even the most cynical of us laugh out loud. As a bunch of nostalgic folks who still crave for the good old days of television, we are here to wax eloquent about the comedy series of the 80s and 90s! Let’s celebrate this day by bringing back ten of the funniest shows on the small screen. Take a look:
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai:
One of the most intelligent shows on TV, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, dealt with real issues in humorous ways. With Ratna Pathak Shah and Rupali Ganguly at the helm of things, it’s not much of a surprise that the show went onto become a huge hit. It’s plot dealt with the issues of class, creed and societal pressures. It should definitely come back with a fresh season where the same characters reprise their original roles. Already sounds interesting, eh?
Imagine a crazy family, consisting of a strict patriarch and his insane bunch of relatives. Now put them all together and throw in witty lines and situations. What do you have? Yes, Khichdi! It could be watched by the entire family and enjoyed by all age groups. We sure miss Hansa’s ‘how are…khaana khaake jaana!’ and her conversations with her equally dumb husband, Praful. Don’t you?
Hum Paanch:
When a haggard father has to deal with five crazy daughters and an equally eccentric wife, it makes for a cool sitcom! We can’t get over how awesome the show was and are dying to watch a new season. What about you guys? Are you YouTubing the videos too? *wink*
Tu Tu Main Main:
Even though the theme was of a saas and her bahu fighting, the show was served with a lot of humour and relevant everyday activities that showed the strength of a family. Despite both Radha and Devki (Supriya Pilgaonkar and Reema Lagoo, respectively) arguing endlessly, they always stood up for each other whenever the situation demanded. They just couldn’t live without their Tu Tu Main Main. And neither can we! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the show made a comeback, packaged nicely for this generation?
Shriman Shrimati:
The interesting pretext of the show was of two neighbouring families lusting after each other’s wives! What we loved were the cheesy lines and the witty banter that kept us thoroughly entertained!
Yes Boss:
When a couple has to pretend to not know each other work, it sounds fun. But when the wife, who is her husband’s boss, is being hit on by their boss, it makes for a absolutely cracking affair! It was one of the most entertaining shows to come out of the small screen stables. It would be such joy to have it back. What say?
Office Office:
Only Pankaj Kapur could have pulled off the role of a simpleton-caught-in-the-mess-of-bureaucracy in this situational comedy. As Musaddilal, he was unabashedly loud when needed, while absolutely pitiful when the situation demanded. He was supported by an able cast made up of Asawari Joshi, Sanjai Mishra and Deven Bhojani, among other stand-alone characters. We hope that they revamp it and bring it back because it’s a show that has the potential to do well, especially now.
Dekh Ghai Dekh:
One of the most successful shows on the small screen was this epic family drama. With an ensemble cast consisting of Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal and Bhavna Balsavar, among others, the show become one of the pioneers of TV. It had an entertaining plot, funny one liners and family values that are sacrosanct for the viewers!
The Great Indian Laughter Challenge:
It introduced us to the joys of standup comedy when daily soaps were ruling the roost. It has given us many good comedians and we take this opportunity to thank them for all the laughs.
Chupa Rustam:
It made for great fun when we saw laypersons being made ‘bakra’ onscreen. We desperately wanted to run into the team and get featured on the show. What about you folks?