Why is actress Rati Pandey Irritated and miffed?

Why is actress Rati Pandey Irritated and miffed?
It’s nothing new for the celebrities to come across so many rumors about them. Some affect them while some don’t and they just laugh over it but there are times when some rumors become misleading for their fans.
Zee TV’s popular show Hitler Didi gained a lot of popularity among the audience and the ardent fans of the show wish to have the show back with a season 2. Recently, we came across news published by a site stating that the show is coming back with its season 2. The news post has actress Rati Pandey’s (the protagonist on the show) statement. Her statement confirms that she has been approached for the season 2 of Hitler Didi.
This statement of hers made all her fans believe on this news and they were rejoicing over it. However, when we contacted Rati to ask her about it, we get to know a different side of story.
Rati told us, “This news is completely false. Whoever has published my quote, they are trying to mislead my viewers. There is no plan for Hitler Didi coming back with another season as of now. I haven’t spoken to the producer regarding this so I have no idea whether the show is coming back with another season. I haven’t given any quote to anyone regarding this. It’s wrong from the publisher’s side as they are trying to mislead my viewers by publishing my false quote.”
“Though this is a small thing and it won’t affect me but if they will continue doing so by publishing false quote of any other celebrities on something bigger than this then a legal action can be taken for such sites. I would like to say to them that don’t mislead people with false news and false quotes,” concludes Rati.