Why doesn’t SRK like Indian television serials?

Why doesn’t SRK like Indian television serials?

Shah Rukh Khan had earlier said that he loves western shows; specially he loves to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ with son Aryan. With his special interest for Western sitcoms, in a recent interaction with a daily, Shah Rukh revealed why.

In a report by DNA, SRK said, “I can’t understand Indian TV and I ‘ll be honest about it. I am sorry Zee TV, &TV, Sony TV, Star or Colors, but I don’t understand television stuff here at all. I am too urban for it. Maybe I am too uneducated or unemotional. I sell all that myself in my films but I don’t understand that on TV. I don’t know whodevranis and jethanis are. I come from a different kind of family, so I don’t understand all that.”

Saying this, he also mentions that he does believe in good story-telling and have been fond of 90’s shows like, ‘Hum Log’, ‘Fauji’, ‘Buniyaad’, ‘Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi’, ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’, ‘Nukkad’, ‘Hum Paanch’ and ‘Indradhanush’. About these shows he says, “They had more essence and were funny, entertaining yet edgy and different. It’s not a comment on what people are making today because at the end of it, it’s a business and people want to make sure it works.”

Shah Rukh feels one should take risk to create an audience. He says, “Maybe the choices were less back then which is why these shows got more attraction. Today, the choice is a lot in terms of the number of channels that we have today. The choice and content is very narrow. The channels should try and take more risks now because sometimes you need to create an audience. If you give the audience enough choices, they will make some interesting choices too.”

However, when he was asked if he was will to do a fictional show on TV, he replied, “If they can afford me! But I doubt television can afford me.” But soon he clears the air saying, “I was joking about the price and all. You allow me to come on television because it reaches homes without a huge amount of charge. I have said it even when I was not a big star that a door knob can be a star on television.” “For me, I am a television star hoping to be a film star. So when I become a film star, I will try to be a TV star again. I am still struggling, but these guys are good at their job,” he added.

After hosting shows like KBC, SRK is about host another quiz show on TV – ‘India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun!’, but he still feels he can’t judge a reality show. And here’s why, “I am the worst at judging people. I like everyone and I want to give everyone a 10 on 10. I don’t like judging anyone. When I was judging Miss India, Waheeda ji, Juhi and Azharuddin were there on the panel so I asked them to select unko jo bhi achche laage (Whoever you feel is good). That’s one stuff I cannot do at all.”

Do you too feel Shah Rukh can’t make a good judge for reality show?