Why did ‘Tevar’ director put his next film with Arjun Kapoor on hold?

Why did ‘Tevar’ director put his next film with Arjun Kapoor on hold?

Hits and flops are a like the changing weather in the Hindi film industry that have the power to change the fate of an actor. Often, they end up taking the actor’s career a notch higher and many-a-times they result in extinguishing a flame of new hope.

Something similar has happened with actor Arjun Kapoor who was last seen in Amit Sharma’s directorial venture ‘Tevar’ co-starring Sonakshi Sinha.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Arjun and Amit were so much sure about Tevar’s box office success that they had planned working in their next project named ‘Daaku Sultan’, a dacoit tale.

And with the poor show of ‘Tevar’, ‘Daaku Sultan’ has been kept at the back-burner. Moreover, the difference of opinion between producer Boney Kapoor and director Amit Sharma throughout the making of the film is another factor that has led the makers to part ways.

However, when Mirror contacted Boney, he sound positive about his equation with Amit and had a different story to tell.

“He’s (Amit Sharma) a man who knows his job,” Boney told Mirror. But the daily states that the one of the main causes of dissension between Amit and Boney was the climax of ‘Tevar’.

Boney went on to tell the daily that his equation with people is not at the mercy of the financial success of his films. He also added that he intends to make a film with Amit once again starring Arjun. The only thing he is waiting for is a good script.

“There were several differences between producer Boney Kapoor and Amit Sharma during the making of the film itself. Now that the fate of the film is for all to see, they have decided not to go ahead with the second project,” Mirror quoted a source as saying.

When we contacted Amit for a comment, he hurriedly cut the phone, but later producer Boney Kapoor called us. He admitted that there was a ‘miscalculation’ as far as Tevar was concerned, but he is optimistic about another collaboration with Amit.