While Varun praises Nawaz’s promotion ‘dance’, Anushka applauds Ranveer’s talent at handling ‘crowd’ situations!

While Varun praises Nawaz’s promotion ‘dance’, Anushka applauds Ranveer’s talent at handling ‘crowd’ situations!

While Varun Dhawan and Sriram Raghavan are celebrating the success of ‘Badlapur’, Anushka Sharma and Navdeep Singh are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming movie ‘NH10’. In conversation with Anupama Chopra, they talk about their respective movies and promotion techniques.

Varun said that before the movie’s release he was worried about the box-office collection, but his director calmed him down and said that he was happy with his performance.

“Two days before the movie’s release I was worried that box-office is going to happen, I remember Sriram coming to me and telling me ‘Hey Varun, don’t worry about the money. I am happy with your performance, let Dinu worry about it.’ And my co-actor Nawaz also told me the same thing ‘Don’t worry about the money. We have done Cinema’,” he said.

Anushka added, “After a point what can the directors and actors do anyways. You have done it and after that you can’t be like ‘now we can do this and that to make 3 lakhs more’.”

The ‘Student of the Year’ then shared that he even made co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui dance to promote the film and make it more visible to the audience. He said that he did krumping on ‘Jee karda’ in colleges during promotions.

Both the stars feel that as actors they should try different techniques and be creative when it comes to promotions.

“You are a commercial actor and you are doing a film which is considered sort of off-beat, like not really mainstream. I think one must do things to promote films like this, because ultimately it will be nice if more people are watching it. Actors can do that and I think they should,” Anushka said.

“I saw something that she did lately which caught my eye was the hitting scene with a selfie stick. I think with promotions, we as actors should be more creative, do something new, because promotions have become quite boring,” Varun added.

They also feel that such movies should be marketed in a different way.

“These films need to be marketed,” Varun said and Anushka added, “and not like every other film…There people have to get very creative with such films, that’s why you need good marketing teams to come up with different kinds of plans. Otherwise we follow a set template.”

When Varun shared his experience of film promotions where he says his dialogues or sings a song, Anushka said, “Some actors are really good with the crowd.” When the actor said “Yes, you have promoted with Shah Rukh Khan,” the actress said, “Yes, he is very good. Ranveer is very good like that. I am not very good at crowd situations.”

Varun and Anushka also talk about their take on off-beat films, diversity as actors and what their directors feel about them. Watch the two actors and their directors in an interesting conversation with Anupama Chopra here.