Which TV show must rework on its story?

Which TV show must rework on its story?
Most daily TV soaps start with a bang but begin losing momentum as the journey unfolds. Here is our list of those high-ranking shows that need a makeover of sorts to keep up in the TRP race. Take a look.
# Kumkum Bhagya
Why we think the story needs a change? Because there is nothing really exciting about it at all. We saw how yawn-inducing it turned when the Abhi-Pragya kidnapping track was stretched beyond the limit.
# Saath Nibhana Saathiya
Often, the show makes us feel that as viewers, our patience is being tested by the plain boring drama being aired on the idiot box.
# Jodha Akbar
There was a time when Jodha Akbar had us glued to the TV set. And now, all we see is the same ol’ Rukaiya Begum seeking revenge from Jodha, Salim-Anarkali’s dramatic love story and schemers interrupting the mundane life of the characters every fortnightly.
# Jamai Raja
After waiting for a lonnnng time Roshni and Sid indulging in love-hate drama as if they have all the time in the world for it, we are desperately waiting to see them unite.
# Sasural Simar Ka
It is not worth being called ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ any more. That’s what we think after watching endless illogical tracks over the years. The Nagin story being aired currently is no different.
What are your thoughts, readers? Do you agree with the list? Share your views with us.