When TV Actors Lied To Their Parents

When TV Actors Lied To Their Parents
Humans are natural-born storytellers, so lying is in our blood. The easy escape from a situation is to lie and get away.
We all have lied many times but want to know what lies our TV actors told their parents? Read to know!
Harshad Arora
Back in time, on 1st April, I had fooled my parents by telling them  that I have broken my arm. I had rolled a plaster on my arm to make it look real. When my parents got worried, I laughed out saying “April fool!”
Asha Negi
Waise, I have told a lot of lies but the recent one was when Rithvik and I had to participate in Nach Baliye. I did not inform my parents about us taking part in the show. After things got finalized, I gave a hint to my parents, which they understood ONLY later.
Shivin Narang
My mom has a habit of asking if I had my breakfast and lunch and I always lie to her, with a yes. But my mom is also very smart as  she would call my cook and ask what she has prepared!
Rubina Dilaik
I told a lie to my parents when I was in my 12th standard. I said that I was going for my physics class and went to watch Dhoom 2 with my friends instead.  Although later my parents came to know about it, I had to tell another lie that one of my friends had met with an accident.
Hiba Nawab
I used to go for night outs with my brother, hiding it from our parents. My brother and I both have preferred each other’s company.
Manish Raisinghan
One day I was down with high fever while shooting Teen Bahuraaniyaan. My entire cast and director got anxious and asked me to check with my doctor. My mother called to check and I lied to her about being fine. Later, I got hospitalized and then I informed my parents about my ill health.