‘When someone says, Oh I said no to the film’, it’s wrong’ – Anushka Sharma

‘When someone says, Oh I said no to the film’, it’s wrong’ – Anushka Sharma

When Karan Johar appreciated Anushka Sharma for being honest about her film choices saying, “What I respect about Anushka is that she never talks about films she doesn’t do. And I went back to her because I love her and I love the fact that she is so clear about what she wants. Her decisions are not coming from a stupid shallow place.” Anushka was only too happy to respond, “I don’t like to talk about the films I am not doing. Because when a filmmaker approaches you with a certain story, they do so in confidence. My job is to decide for myself whether I want to do the film or not. It is not my business to tell other people that I said no to it. I think it’s cheap to talk about the movies offered to you because you are belittling someone’s hard work.”

News daily, DNA made this revelation during an interaction with Karan Johar and Anushka Sharma. In an age when most actors take great pride in revealing the movies they turn down, Karan feels Anushka is the only exception to the rule. Karan said, “I had gone to her for two films I had produced. After she said no to me for two movies, she said, “Ab toh tum kabhi nahi aaoge” But I still went to her for a film I am directing. First film she had said no to was 2 States. She didn’t want to do it. I really respect that about her.”

Anushka explains, “When someone says, Oh I said no to the film’, it’s wrong! You are forming other people’s judgment about something. I might not do a film for various reasons… I might be doing something like that or maybe my dates were not working out… or some other reason. Maybe, creatively we didn’t agree on that film. But I can’t talk about that film and say I said no to it and deride that project because the project is good in itself. It’s not in my nature to behave like that. I only speak about the things that I am doing because that’s my business. I would like to respect people who offer me their movies. It could be a creative disagreement but talking about it is not any actor’s business.”

Way to go girl!

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