When Ranbir made Anushka cry!

When Ranbir made Anushka cry!

Did you know this? Well, yes, apparently Ranbir Kapoor made Anushka Sharma cry!

As the two are starring together in ‘Bombay Velvet’, it is always obvious that the co-stars talk, and chat along to know each other and get along well. But during the shoot of ‘Bombay Velvet’, the opposite happened.

In a recent interaction with Filmfare magazine, Anushka revealed that Ranbir irritated her so much, that she cried. Anushka said, “He’s easy to work with as he’s my friend. We would fight. I even cried once.”

She further elaborated saying that Ranbir usually irritates people and makes fun around but Anushka likes to keep it to herself. And when one day she couldn’t tolerate it any longer, she cried. And good friend came up to say that he wouldn’t trouble her again.

Anushka goes on to say, “I didn’t want to fight with him because we were going to shoot a romantic scene. I couldn’t even fight with him. I started to cry like a chick.” And that was the only time.

Apart from that incident, Anushka and Ranbir share a great camaraderie. She said, “I have huge respect for him as an artiste. He is a very good actor and so effortless.”

Well, we just want to see this effortless pair sizzle up the screen in ‘Bombay Velvet’.