When on screen siblings Pooja Gor and Inderjeet Sagoo fought

When on screen siblings Pooja Gor and Inderjeet Sagoo fought
We all are aware about the kind of love hate relationship we share with our siblings and same seems to be true for the latest on screen brother-sister jodi Pooja Gor and Inderjeet Sagoo, who are currently part of Life OK’s Roshni (Pulse Media).
Recently the duo started fighting on the sets of their daily.
Well readers nothing serious between the two, all in good humor.
While having a candid chat with us, Inderjeet shared, “We always chat together and pull each other’s leg and on one such occasion Pooja jokingly hit me. And I thought of scaring her by making mock gestures to hit her, but unfortunately my joke backfired on me, when accidentally Pooja got hurt. Though she was shocked initially, she realized that it was not intentional on my part and after that we shared a good laugh. But, on that day I decided never to attempt such jokes ever again as Pooja would have got seriously injured”.
The young talent went on to add, “Since there are lots of youngsters in the series, we generally have gala time on the set. And another veteran star who is still young at heart is Raghuveer (Yadav) ji. Whenever he joins us for our chit chat sessions it becomes livelier because of him”.
Finally we quickly quizzed him about his closest co-star in the lot and Inderjeet quipped, “Though everyone is close to me, Pooja definitely have special place as a little sister. Since I stay near Pooja’s place, we even travel together at times”.
Aww, that’s really sweet Inderjeet. We wish the young lad all the best.