When I sleep I never remove my lipstick coz of Emraan Hashmi- Subuhi Joshi

When I sleep I never remove my lipstick coz of Emraan Hashmi- Subuhi Joshi
The young and vivacious actress –Subuhi Joshi – is a big time Emraan Hashmi fan! While the world goes mad after the likes of SRK, Salman, Hrithik and Aamir, we have Subuhi who goes to sleep even with the thought of seeing Emraan in her dreams! Emraan recently made a guests appearance for a special episode of Life OK’s ‘Comedy Classes’.
Subuhi shed more light on her rendezvous with Emraan by saying, “When I came to know that Emraan Hashmi is coming on our show (Comedy classes), I just lost it. I was so excited with the news. The whole set knows that I am madly in love with him and everybody was teasing me. When I met him, I was so love struck. I kept on gazing him, finally it was time to act with him and I took a deep breath and went ahead. I said I really adore you and I am a big fan of yours that even when I sleep I never remove my lipstick. To this he asked why and I replied, who knows you might come in my dream, I don’t want to disappoint you.”
Well, the “lipstick” bit left us wondering whether Subuhi is simply exaggerating.
Anyway, Subuhi shares that when she revealed all that to Emraan, he gave her a smile. She also adds, “Everyone asks for an autograph but I want something which you are specialised and that is a kiss.To which he replied let’s change the trend you give me one, so I did, and in return he kissed me back on my hand. On this someone commented from the set that now go cut your hand and keep it safely in the refrigerator forever. I feel no shame in accepting that I madly adore him. I love everything about him. He is just perfect. I still remember watching his film ‘Murder’ secretly, because I was very young then and was not allowed to watch A-rated movies, but I managed to watch it somehow.”
Subuhi wishes that if she ever gets a chance to act in Hindi films, she would prefer being Emraan’s leading lady.