When Aleeza Khan missed her ‘flight’ on her birthday!!

When Aleeza Khan missed her ‘flight’ on her birthday!!
It’s a belated happy birthday to actor Aleeza Khan!! Well, the girl claims that she has had the most eventful birthday this time around, with lots happening!!
As we know, Aleeza celebrated her birthday yesterday (9 August) in great style!! But there was also a moment of anguish and disappointment as she missed her flight to her ‘party destination’, exactly on her birthday!!
Aah, sad isn’t it?
Says Aleeza, “Don’t ask me about that sad moment. I was so upset, as I missed the flight by just five minutes.”
Oh gosh!!
Getting into details, Aleeza told us, “On the eve of my birthday, I celebrated with my close mates and friends in Grand Hyatt. We got so engrossed in the party that I missed boarding the flight the next morning to Goa. That was the effect of the party hangover. However, instead of taking the 5.25 am flight, I boarded the 1.45pm flight to Goa with another set of friends. As I talk to you, I am rejoicing, savouring every moment of my birthday celebration. It’s all joyous out here at the Baga Cape Town Club in Goa.”