TV has undergone a major change: Umang Jain

TV has undergone a major change: Umang Jain
Umang Jain took a sabbatical from the arc lights to complete her studies. Now the actress is back on-screen with a fantasy TV show “Maharakshak Devi” and she is in awe at the transformation in the television industry in the last eight years.
“TV has undergone a major change in the last eight years. The working style, the value system everything has changed for good,” Umang told reporters at the trailer launch of her ZEE TV show here Tuesday.
The actress also heaped praise on the qualities of TV and its reach across the nation.
“I feel TV is one of the widest mass medium and easiest way to reach people as it does not require any form of literacy. Rural parts of our country may not have multiplexes, but will surely have a TV,” she added.
Umang, who has been a part of films like “Love Breakups Zindagi” and “Shakal Pe Mat Ja”, also notes that her role in the fantasy show will prove her acting skills and help her establish herself as an versatile actor.
“The show is about a girl, who finds inner strength and fights against evil. it was very challenging and the challenge part drew me in. People have seen me in a sensitive role and this role gives me a chance to explore my potential as an actor and prove that I’m versatile,” Umang said.
The actress also says that the show, which will premier on March 14, will touch social issues along with entertaining people.
“I think along with entertainment, there is a social message about finding inner strength and fighting against wrong especially for women. It is like a cherry on cake,” she said.
Meanwhile, the actress has turned all her focus on the weekend show and is still swaying her options about the movies to do from the ones that have been offered to her