Top 5 Scene Of The Week : Yeh Hai Mohabbatein !!!

Top 5 Scene Of The Week : Yeh Hai Mohabbatein !!!

Ever since it has been revealed that Ishita is not possessed by Shagun’s spirit and that everything that occurred so far is a drama; Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has gotten all the more interesting to watch.

Yes, at times it does get a little bit dragged, considering that the truth is out and yet there is no revelation regarding the member of the Bhalla Family who is helping Ashok; which is why all this drama is being done in the first place. But all that aside Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has still not lost it’s touch and can be very much entertaining.

Last week saw Ishita, Shagun, Prateek and Abhishek doubting Simmi and Simmi’s every action create the illusion that she is the one helping Ashok in his plan to kill Raman but this week saw Ishita bring out the truth and prove that Simmi is not trying to harm Raman. However what makes the scene interesting is the means Ishita resorted to ; to achieve this feat.


Simmi was refusing to cooperate which left Ishita with no choice but to force the truth out of Simmi and for this she did something that she would never do. Ishita is somebody who would never hurt a child ever, but desperate times call for desperate measures and we saw the ever loving Ishita threaten Simmi using Ananya as bait.

She pulls of a possessed by Shagun act and threatens to harm Ananya if Simmi does not tell the truth about why she went to meet Ashok, he involvement with Param again etc. Simmi tries her best to not reveal the truth, she even seeks Prateek and Abhishek’s help who reaches the Bhalla House during the charade but eventually for the sake of her daughter she reveals the truth.

The scene was a simple one which was made worth noticing thanks to the amazing acting by Divyanaka Tripathi and Shireen Mirza. Divyanaka’s rendition of both Ishita and Shagun was spectacular. One second she had showcase herself as Shagun but when she looked at Prateek and Abhiskek she had to gives expressions of Ishita because she was not truly possessed and only those two know that truth. Divyanka is an exceptional actress but in scenes like this you fail to find an adjective that describes this actress.