Top 5 Scene Of The Week : Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan !!!

Top 5 Scene Of The Week : Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan !!!

Swap Drama never gets old and one such scene that happened this week is the our fifth and final scene of the week.

Kuch toh hai tere mere Darmiyaan saw Koel agreeing to marry Samar after the latter puts forth certain conditions but Samar’s calculations and Koel’s sacrifice go flying out of the window and we realize this when the Dulha lifts of his sehra after the marriage is done.

Instead of Samar we see Maddy as Koel’s groom which makes for an interesting turn of events and the possibility that there is no fighting destiny.

Raj is Koel’s love, yet when he broke out of prison and asked her to elope with him she refused because she was thinking about the greater good and that meant marrying Samar for her mom’s health. She could have been selfish When Maddy came to know Samar’s truth he took Samar’s place in the mandap. He had done this to delay the wedding because Tani had informed she would reach the venue and expose Samar’s truth but Tani get’s caught up and Maddy is left with no choice but to marry Koel.

Woh kehte hai na jo hona hai woh hokar hi rehta hai. A lot of things could have happened but only what was destined to happen did happen. Maddy did all this to save Koel, he had no ulterior motive. Sure he is in love with Koel but his love is not one where he wishes to make Koel his by force and this is proved when Raj suggests that they both run away after Maddy and Koel’s marriage takes place and Maddy agrees to the same.

The scene marks a turning point not only in the lives of the protagonists but also in the show as this decision by Maddy will change the course of everything and everyone’s lives.