Tina Dutta uses free time to read

Tina Dutta uses free time to read
Actress Tina Dutta, who is best known for her role as Iccha and Meethi in “Uttaran”, is on a break from hectic work schedules, and she’s making the most of her free time by satiating her thirst for reading books.
After wrapping up the shooting of “Uttaran”, which has now gone off air, Tina is on a break in Kolkata, and was spotted at the Kolkata Book Fair 2015.
“Books play an important part in one’s life. Books open a different world and encourage imagination as well. I am on a break in Kolkata and enjoying every moment of it. I am taking out time to read daily,” Tina said in a statement.
She feels Kolkata is a “perfect city to grow up in” as “people value education and reading”.
“I always ask my co-stars and friends to read books. One friend of mine recently gifted me books too and I’m inspired to develop the habit of reading regularly. I recommend reading to everyone,” she added.