This actor threatened a stand-up comedian

This actor threatened a stand-up comedian

Here’s a blind item from Mid-Day:

In the web world, spoofs of actors and their films are very common. And the videos go viral in the blink of an eye. While some actors take it sportingly or digest it with a pinch of salt, there are others who fly off the handle. Recently, this actor was said to be miffed with a stand- up comedian for passing a funny remark on one of his family members.

A source says, “Nearly a month ago, there was an event where some known comedians performed along with a bunch of actors on a show. During their acts, they commented on the kin of this particular actor, who was not present there. However, when he got wind of it, he did not waste any time in calling up the comedian to warn him. He also threatened him with dire consequences if he made any comments on his close ones in future.”

Incidentally, a young actor, who was part of this show and is close to the miffed actor, also passed a comment on the latter’s family member.

Adds the source, “It was a spur- of- the- moment comment but he realised that his industry senior won’t like it. So, he immediately apologised to him and requested the comedians and others not to leak it out. Now, the video of that show might not be made public at all.”