“There was a time when I used to sell flowers, dictionary at the traffic signal” – Raman Handa

“There was a time when I used to sell flowers, dictionary at the traffic signal” – Raman Handa
Actors often have to suffer untold misery and battle odd situations to realise their ambitions. Raman Handa, who got quite famous after participating in ‘Rakhi Ka Swamvar’, recalls his journey from being a downtrodden struggler to earning his own money in Mumbai.
“I started earning at early age in my life. At 12 I used to paint well and started making some money by taking tuition classes. I come from a very well to do family but my uncle deceived us and deprived us of all the property,” shared Raman.
To support his family, Raman took up odd jobs and enrolled into NFD in Delhi to study interior designing with a relative’s help.
“There was a time when I used to sell flowers and dictionary at the traffic signal. And the irony was one day I met a girl at the traffic signal whom I used to like in my institute. She rolled down the window looked at me and could not recognize,” says the actor.
For Raman, it was the day when he understood the harsh reality of his life and promised himself that one day he will carve a niche of his own. “When I came to Mumbai, the first 6 months of struggle were too much. I even slept at a park for a few days. The watchman of that society used to feed me,” he reminisces.
Slowly but finally, things started improving in Raman’s life as he started doing cameos in TV shows before getting a break in ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar.’ Raman also participated in Gladrags Mr. India but he haad to exit the contest due to a controversy. “I am happy the way I have taken decisions in my life. I am the middle one among my three brothers and I only took the initiative in my two brothers wedding. My parents were initially reluctant on my career but later on they also got convinced as I was earning money and was responsible towards my family.”