Thankless and Indifferent: Rajeev Masand

Thankless and Indifferent: Rajeev Masand

Here is a blind item by Rajeev Masand published in Open Magazine:

From what one’s been hearing, a talented actress who towered above her competition with a solid performance in one of last year’s better acclaimed hits, is hurting from the cold shoulder she claims she’s got from her director and her leading man since the release of their film.

The actress was reportedly already smarting from the “shoddy” way she was allegedly treated during the film’s promotional efforts; she claims she was deliberately kept away from media interactions and left out of publicity material like posters and hoardings.

It’s not that she was greedy for attention, she says. It’s that the project’s decision-makers didn’t have the foresight to see that the film may have benefitted from advertising her presence in it. A point that has proven true since the film’s release”she walked away with the best performance reviews.

Even now, months after the film’s release, neither the director nor the actor has stayed in touch with her. She’s been bumping into them at award functions and everyone’s cordial with one another, but she feels let down by their lack of genuine warmth.