Sonakshi’s hair story – the long & short of it…

Sonakshi’s hair story – the long & short of it…

Sonakshi Sinha has been enjoying her short hair days to the hilt. And guess what, the good part is that her work is not restricting her freedom to sport the haircut, credit: hair extensions!

Recently, in a playful mood, Sonakshi shared a picture of hers on her Instagram page, wearing hair extensions during a shoot.

She added the following caption with the picture.

This #selfie is dedicated to everyone who misses the long hair. (theyr’e called hair extensions, to all those wondering how i miraculously grow my hair to desired length whenever i feel like)

And then, she also posted a picture of hers featuring a pair of aviators, her real hair and loads of attitude.

Does she look better with long hair or with shorter tresses? What do you think readers?