Siya Ke Ram To Shed Light On The Story Of Ram’s Sister ‘Shanta’

Siya Ke Ram To Shed Light On The Story Of Ram’s Sister ‘Shanta’

Not many know that that the King of Ayodhya Dasharth and his first wife Kaushalya have a daughter named Shanta.

Star Plus show Siya Ke Ram produced by Triangle Films is all set to bring forth the story of Ram’s elder sister in it’s upcoming episodes and this is surely going to be a track to look out for.

Ram comes to meet Kaushalya after meeting his other mothers Sumitra and Kaikeyi. Kaushalya is sad that her sons came to meet her last. Ram who always thinks about others decided to meet Sumitra and Kaikeyi first for the sake of his younger brothers but Kaushalya’s emotional state does not allow her to see this. But being the ideal son Ram apologizes to his mother and succeeds making her smile.

Soon after Ram spots the child idol made of gold and asks Kaushalya about it. Kaushalya initially hesitant will finally reveal that he has a sister which leave Ram stunned. However when Ram speaks about his sister in the past tense Kaushalya tells him that Shanta is not dead yet, which leaves Ram speechless.

He asks him mother why their sister is not with them and is determined to know more about her. He also decides to unearth the reason as to why Dasharath choose his sons over his daughter.