SHOCKER- Yamini And Akush Plans To Kill Rithik In Naagin.

SHOCKER- Yamini And Akush Plans To Kill Rithik In Naagin.

When something is not of use anymore it’s a natural tendency to discard it. Well what about when it comes to human beings?

What happens when you no longer have use of a person?

You are going to find out about the same in Colors number one show Naagin produced by Balaji Telefilms. TellyTadka already updated our readers that Ritik is not Yamini (Sudha Chandran) and Ankush’s (Manish Khanna) son. But in a shocking twist viewers learned that that the only reason Rithik is still alive is because only he can lead them to the Naagmani.

Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) will get the naagmani and hand it over to Yamini and Ankush. But how is that possible when we already reported that the Ichchadhari Naagin’s get their hands on the ‘Naagmani’? Well the one Rithik finds will be a fake but since this is unknown to Yamini and Ankush they will plan to kill Ritik as he is of no use to them.

The wicked couple will send some goons to kill Rithik but Shivanya senses that her husband is in danger and rushes to save him. Soon Yamini and Ankush will learn that the naagmani they have is fake.

How they tackle this problem…How Rithik will get to know the truth…and how Shivanya and Rithik avenge the death of their parents will all be worth the wait!!!