Shaheer Sheikh participates in Indonesian reality show

Shaheer Sheikh participates in Indonesian reality show

Well, the guy is busy participating in an Indonesian reality show. Indonesian? Why, what, where? Hold on to your horses. Here we have the info.

After a lot of digging we found out that the show is being shot in Jakarta and is called Panah Asmara Arjuna (Arjun’s love arrow).

The show on ANTV has girls vying for Shaheer’s attention. A lot of tasks has also been planned which would help him choose the right girl. The show has a similar format like ‘swayamvar’ and is restricted to just ‘dating’.

The audition for the show had begun long back and it started airing on the above channel from 11 October. After a lot of screening 10 girls have been selected to compete and kept in a quarantine house for 90 days with 40 cameras recording their every movement.

According to the Indonesian media, the contest will not only see a rally of challenges and games but the drama quotient will be kept high with contestants being from different backgrounds.

Panah Asmara Arjuna is hosted by Indonesia’s popular Indra Bekti or Ipan as he is fondly called. Also Shaheer’s close friends Vin Rana and Lavanya Bardwaj, who played his younger brothers in Mahabharat, will be part of the show (they will perform).

The handsome lad surely has a great fan following and girls are said to be trying their level best to win Shaheer’s attention. The winner will take home a car and added to that a weeklong stay in India where she would get to visit Shaheer’s favourite places with him.

Now this is surely a treat, isn’t it?

With Shaheer being one of the most eligible bachelors in India, we wonder whether he will find love in Indonesia. Well, that only time will tell.

Shaheer remained unavailable for a comment.

The episodes are available online for viewers worldwide. Are you excited about the show? Do let us know in the comment box below.