Shaandaar #Shaalia talk about their coolest dads!

Shaandaar #Shaalia talk about their coolest dads!
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Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, fondly called Shaalia, are promoting Shaandaar round the clock. Taking the film to various shows, the newest on-screen couple had a fun conversation with RJ Mallishka. On M Bole Toh, the two had ample fun.

They made it clear that they have the coolest dads and took on various questions that prove that. Here are a few excerpts.

When asked about first-time smoking experiences:

Shahid: I was working on Milenge Milenge and the character I was playing was of a chain smoker. One day before the shoot I lit a cigarette, because I had to enact exactly that the next day. So that’s my first memory of having a smoke.

Did his father (Pankaj Kapur) know about it? Shahid said, “Why would I hide it from him?”

Alia: If ever I do smoke, I won’t speak about it in front of him (father Mahesh Bhatt)!

She was quick to add, “One should try everything in life but should not get habituated to it.”

Caught sneaking out at wee hours?

Alia: Never.

Shahid : I’ve stayed alone for almost 10 years now so, I don’t have any stress.

Family’s reaction upon knowing about your girlfriend / boyfriend for the first time

Alia: They were totally chilled out.

Shahid: They always knew; no issues.

Ever got caught texting naughty stuff late at night: 

Alia: They (my father and family) don’t read my texts and all… never check my phone.

Shahid: They are not those type of fathers who asked us to show what’s there on our phone; they are very chilled out.

The full episode will be available on Hotstar on 13th October.