Scarlett Wilson’s water phobia moment in ‘Dare 2 Dance’

Scarlett Wilson’s water phobia moment in ‘Dare 2 Dance’

The British model model and dancer, Scarlett Mellish Wilson was afraid to perform the underwater act in ‘Dare 2 Dance’. Trained in jazz ballet, Scarlett had huge inhibitions when she was asked to perform underwater. “Getting inside water is a nightmare for me. My family had undergone a tragedy when I was 13 years old. We were holidaying in Greece and when we were enjoying ourselves on the beach, my whole family got dragged into the sea,” recalls Scarlett.

So for Scarlett, this act on ‘Dare 2 Dance’ was by far the scariest and most challenging act for her. Even shooting continuously for 45 days in Cape Town was an amazing experience for her. “The whole experience in Cape Town is simply amazing but at the same time too exhausting. We used continuously practice in tough weather conditions. Once we had to perform on a high-raised platform. It was so scary because of the strong winds, at times I felt like I would be pushed off the edge due to the wind force,” shares Scarlett.

Apart from all the struggles and performances, Scarlett is in all awe of host Akshay Kumar. About Akki as a host and a human being, Scarlett says, “He is an amazing host. He used to scare us a little with his antics but that boosted up our confidence to perform the tasks. He guided us like a role model. And he is the real action hero.”

Scarlett also made friends and got to see the nightlife of Cape Town. She says, “With the very little time left, I went out for shopping, helicopter ride and tried water sports. It was very cold when our shoot took place. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time there.” Mayuresh and Alisha have become her closest friends as she says, “Mayuresh is the purest soul and an amazing dancer and Alisha is adorable! All others were great to interact with.”

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