Sandhya resumes her duty; Bhabho pampers her pregnant bahu with yummy food!

Sandhya resumes her duty; Bhabho pampers her pregnant bahu with yummy food!
In the latest episode, Sandhya restarts working after a brief sabbatical. Bhabho assures her that she will send home cooked food to her workplace during lunch hour. As Bhabho cooks the yummy halwa for Sandhya, Meenakshi eyes it hungrily and hopes to grab a bite of it. Bhabho makes certain that Meenakshi too gets a share of the delish preparation. However, when Meenakshi shows laziness in doing her simple daily chores, Bhabho mildly rebukes her by giving Sandhya’s example.
On the other hand, Suraj invites Vikram and Mohit to his sweets shop for a discussion over a cup of tea. He requests them to share their experience of the time when their wives were pregnant. Mohit and Vikram start banter by recalling those fond memories and counsel Suraj to look after Sandhya’s diet and other needs. They pull Suraj’s leg and enjoy the conversation.
While Bhabho goes away for some work, a man comes to drop home a box of raw mangoes purchased by Bhabhasa. He places his blue coloured tiffin box near the pink one packed by Bhabho for Sandhya. Meenakshi fails to notice when the man hurriedly picks up Sandhya’s tiffin and goes away. Suraj takes the blue tiffin box and leaves for Sandhya’s workplace.
Upon reaching Sandhya’s office place, Suraj offers her the lunch which she resists eating for a long while. Meanwhile, at the Rathi house, Bhabho learns about the exchange of tiffin boxes. She finds the man and corners him for eating her daughter-in-law’s lunch. The man offers his apology and defends himself saying that he was too hungry to check if it was his lunch or somebody else’s. Bhabho gets worried for Sandhya’s meal and gets thinking about what she would eat.
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