Saif Ali Khan breaks his silence on “Love Jihad” campaign!

Saif Ali Khan breaks his silence on “Love Jihad” campaign!

Like any loving and supportive spouse, Saif Ali Khan recently stood up for his actor-wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and chided a particular fringe group for using Kareena’s image for their “love Jihad” campaign on the cover of their women’s wing magazine.

A leading newspaper quoted Saif as saying, “People say Kareena has converted. No she has not.”

He went on to say that instead of making Kareena a target of some religious controversy, she should be treated with respect for the good things she has done for the nation.

“The country should be proud of Kareena’s contribution to cinema and society. She has worked for women’s rights and health,” the 44-year-old actor said as a matter of fact.

The actor, who exchanged marriage vows with Kareena in October 2012, expressed distaste for “love jihad” talks and praised his wife for the kind of woman she is.

“These talks of love jihad are very regrettable and do not feature in our lives anywhere. Kareena should be celebrated as a symbol of a strong modern individual. I think most of us are proud of her,” stated Saif.

He also urged the people to question the “character, wisdom and intellect” of such groups before giving them any significance.