Sad that audience love characters more than actors: Roshni Sahota

Sad that audience love characters more than actors: Roshni Sahota

The more an actor gets to explore by playing different roles, the more he/she enjoys work. Actors always love to play different kinds of roles on the tube.

Pretty and talented actress Roshni Sahota, who is currently seen as Surbhi on Colors’ popular daily Shakti (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms), is now getting to explore more as an actor as her character is now turning negative.

We had a chit chat with Roshni about her character turning negative, dealing with negative comments and much more.

Roshni told us, “I feel that there is always a reason behind every person’s behaviour and even Surbhi has a reason to turn grey or negative. It’s my work and I am happy doing it. The biggest fact of our TV industry is that the audience starts loving the character rather than the actor. They have to understand that it’s their job and they are not like that in real. So, it’s their problem what they are thinking. I have to do my job whether it’s positive, negative or grey.”

“Initially, hate comments affected me a lot but now they don’t as I am ignoring it. It doesn’t matter to me whether people hate me or love me; I am just happy doing my job,” added Roshni.

We also asked Roshni if she feels that Surbhi is right on her part. Roshni replied, “There is always a limit to bear something and when things cross limits then you react. Surbhi has a strong reason to get angry with Harman (Vivian Dsena) and I don’t think that Surbhi is wrong. She has a misunderstanding and she is reacting accordingly. She is not even able to clear out all the misunderstandings because Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) is brainwashing and provoking her. Once things will get sorted, Surbhi will be back being normal.”