Roopal Tyagi gets eliminated from the show

Roopal Tyagi gets eliminated from the show
Weekend special with Salman Khan saw yet another interesting Salman Ki Class with BB9 contestants.

The highlight of the show was the part when Salman Khan grilled Suyyash on morals as on on hand he opposed Mandana Karimi’s idea to steal coins to win the luxury budget task “Lagaan”, while on the other hand he shared his team’s secret with girlfriend Kishwer Merchatt which was against team spirit.

Salman also appreciated Mandana as she did take the task seriously to make her team win the task along with her partner Keith and questioned the other contestants to nominate them as the weakest jodi.

Coming to this week’s elimination, we are aware that Aman, Mandana, Prince, Rimi and Roopal were nominated, of which Prince was declared safe contestant.

Wonder who will get eliminated in tomorrow’s episode? Well, Roopal Tyagi will get evicted from Bigg Boss House!

Roopal’s eviction is rather surprising, considering the fact that Rimi Sen had bitched big time about Bigg Boss and its format, and has even repeatedly stated that she wants to leave the house as soon as possible. But looks like the fans can’t get enough of Rimi, and we don’t blame them as she does seem to entertain her fans with her one liners!