Ranbir factor still present or has it faded: Trade experts’ views

Ranbir factor still present or has it faded: Trade experts’ views

The last time we saw Ranbir Kapoor play a full-fledged role on the silver screen was in ‘Besharam’. The movie was a 2013 release and post that the actor has done only a few cameos and commercials. The Kapoor lad will be seen playing a lead role on the silver screen after more than a year in ‘Bombay Velvet’.

Many say that the actor has lost ground to his contemporaries. The Ranbir factor became a talking point post ‘Roy’. The film didn’t perform as expected. Though it wasn’t a Ranbir Kapoor film, but his sheer presence used to lift up films. However, this wasn’t the case during ‘Roy’.

Now again, people are saying that ‘Gabbar’ is the most awaited film of this quarter and not ‘Bombay Velvet’. Also, Bombay Velvet’s trailer has only managed 43 lakh views in 16 days, while ‘Gabbar’ is catching up with 25 lakh views in 10 days. So we questioned ourselves. Has the Ranbir Kapoor factor diminished or is it still there? We asked a few experts about this and this is what they have to say.

Akshaye Rathi (Exhibitor & Distributor): I don’t think Ranbir Kapoor’s star-power has decreased. For somebody who is a star of that calibre, this doesn’t happen. Aamir Khan did ‘Mangal Pandey’ after 3 or 4 years and it still worked, so it means that the stardom of a star of such a magnitude never diminishes. Plus, he has been around in commercials and he was also seen in ‘Roy’, so I feel his star-power hasn’t been affected.

Rajender Singh Jyala (Vice President – Programming & Distribution, Inox): No, I don’t think the Ranbir factor is diminishing. It is still there. Though ‘Roy’ wasn’t his film, the film had a good opening. If Ranbir wasn’t there in the film, it wouldn’t have made that kind of money. If you keep Ranbir aside and if you see the weekend figures with the cast it had, then it has done much more than what we expect. So, I feel the Ranbir factor is there and you will see it in ‘Bombay Velvet’ as well.

Manoj Desai (Owner of G7 Cinemas): I feel the Ranbir-factor has slightly decreased. He was absent for a year and the youngsters have done pretty well, so he will have to establish his supremacy again.

So the Ranbir-factor is still present according to the majority of our experts. We will get the actual answer post May 15 when ‘Bombay Velvet’ releases.

Is the Ranbir factor still present, what is your take?