Rajeev Khandelwal’s not so FANtastic moments

Rajeev Khandelwal’s not so FANtastic moments
An actor’s life is full of surprises but sometimes it’s shocking too!!!
Well, when fame and success become a part of one’s life there also comes a stage when you are loved and worshipped by people who call themselves your fans.
Every actor in his/her career span surely encounters some beautiful and eccentric fan moments that become lifelong memories for them.
The talented face became an overnight sensation after his show Kahiin Toh Hoga making girls go crazy over him. But there were some who crossed the boundaries to reach the guy leaving him in a troubled situation.
“There are lot many incidents, let me share this first. It happened when a girl came to my place as a student and wanted to talk about my journey for her project. I spoke to her nicely, gave a good interview when suddenly she took out sindoor and mangalsutra from her bag and asked me to get married to her. I was really taken aback and didn’t know what to do. I called my staff, even got my wife to dissuade this girl but she didn’t want to relent at all. I tried to explain her that she was wasting her time and rather than thinking of tying the knot with a married man she should concentrate on her studies and build a good career for herself. She did go back but amazing me further she came back after few months with a recruitment letter and said that since she now has a job I should marry her,” said the actor.
Woahhh!! If you thought this was bizarre, hear the next story.
“This happened like quite a long time back when during the rains a girl waited for me outside my building for 24 hours. It was crazy and I was so scared that she might get pneumonia or a bad cold and went out to reach her, but she would run away at the sight of me. I really didn’t know what to do. And then late at night a policeman knocked at my door and asked me the details of the girl. Trust me I was really scared. We all went down to the society conference room and I had no idea what she might have told them which would get me into trouble. When I asked for her she came all smiling making me want to slap her so hard. I was really frustrated with the happenings and asked the police to take her home safely. And the girl, just a teenager waved me from the police van while going back with them post midnight. This was one of the scariest experiences that I have faced,” shared Rajeev.
We can definitely vouch for that!
Finally suggesting to his fans, the popular actor shared, “Through this stories I really want to pass on a message to all fans that such behaviours really spoil a fan-celeb relationships. We respect and love you for making us what we are and would always be there for you, but never stoop down or indulge in such activities that would create problems for us.”
Well said Rajeev!!!