Rajeev Khandelwal, Kritika Kamra shed light on slapgate controversy!

Rajeev Khandelwal, Kritika Kamra shed light on slapgate controversy!
Sensitive information, if leaked, is like a spark of fire ready to burn hearts doused with the fuel of fanaticism. A recent incident involving TV actors Kritika Kamra and Rajeev Khandelwal brought home the point once again.
It so happened when a few days back, a leaked clip from the trailer of SONY’s ‘Reporters’ went viral on the social network. The fans of both the actors watched the clip and believing it to a real incident began a furious battle to outwit each other. It was only when the trailer went on air that all confusion was cleared. The footage shows Rajeev’s character advocating Kritika’s action when she slaps him after he kisses her forcibly on LIVE TV.
The daily quoted Rajeev as saying, “The truth needs to be told. How beautifully, how effectively and how honestly, is what makes a journalist. It’s not just about deliverance, it’s about involvement. The promo is not bold visually, but it’s bold in attitude. It involves you. The beauty is it hits you right where it should and also conveys the show’s approach right in the beginning.”
Kritika also elucidated to clear any misconception about the promo. “We don’t know where this whole controversy emerged from. We were equally surprised when we saw it on the internet. The kiss and slap were part of our script and the promo is getting a great response,” she said.
‘Reporters’ will showcase the life of journalists in a newsroom and how controversies are made to feed news-hungry masses even when there aren’t any in reality. Small-screen heartthrob Rajeev Khandelwal is making his comeback after many years which again makes the show very special. The series will hit the TV sphere April 13 onwards every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM on Sony Entertainment Television.