Rachana Parulkar Opens Up On Divyanka and Sharad’s Split

Rachana Parulkar Opens Up On Divyanka and Sharad’s Split

Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotra’s seven-year-old relationship went kaput when the couple parted ways recently. The two even issued a joint statement to the media and refused to reveal much about their split. However, BollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY told you that there was a love triangle that resulted in the end of this relationship.

“Ssharad’s meandering ways forced Divyanka to pull the plug. Apparently Divyanka came to know of Ssharad’s fling with his Maharana Pratap co-star Rachna Parulkar,” a source revealed to us.

However, when we contacted Rachana, she dissed the rumour by saying,“Just because my co-star has broken up with his partner you automatically think I am the guilty party? Gone are the days when you need a third person to cause a break-up. Sometime compatibility issues do crop up. Ssharad is a sweet person and we have great on screen chemistry. I am very much single and don’t like to be linked this.”

Rachna also cleared the air regarding her alleged relationship with married co- star Ashish Choudhary, when they were doing Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. “It is sad that some people spread such rumours. But they need to understand that it does not make any impact. The only reason a married man has an affair is when he is not happy with his marriage. And Ashish is very happy with his wife Samita. In fact, they recently became parents to twins.”

Well, Rachana has said what she had to say. For more updates on this infamous split come back right here!