Pooja Banerjee is in love with cricket!

Pooja Banerjee is in love with cricket!

Pooja Banerjee who was seen in Swim Team on Channel V is very happy to  to be a part of team Chennai Swaggers in  Frooti BCL Season 2. The team is owned by the superstar Sunny Leone.

Sharing her love for sports the actress says that she chose to be a part because it’s good to meet actors on field for cricket and not for the same monotonous acting work. Her favorite cricketer is Rahul Dravid and not a constant cricket follower but shares he schooling days memory when she use to sneak out from school to watch India v/ s Zimbabwe. She still finds some time whenever possible to practice with the team.

Pooja says,”Everyone in the team is very nice and friendly and keep us updated about everything.

Speaking about bond with Mayank Gandhi she says, ” I have worked with Mayank in the past. I am also good friends with friends with Paaras Madaan, Mansi Sharma and Sharad Tripathi”.

When asked about the tournament getting competitive she laughingly adds,”We are very competitive and the craze of winning is growing every year and I guess cricket is one such thing where people do get competitive and I am sure chances of our team to win is 110%”. I am in love with cricket. In  India cricket is like religion”