Piyush Sahdev’s ROMANTIC surprise for wife Akangsha

Piyush Sahdev’s ROMANTIC surprise for wife Akangsha
Many feel that love dies after marriage, but there are some who make their relationship stronger with each passing day!
And one of the best examples for the same is the ever good looking and charming Piyush Sahdev. The actor who got married to actress Akangsha Rawat in 2012 recently celebrated his third wedding anniversary on 25 June.
Now, one would think that the man would have got a simple party planned for his loving wife. But, on the other hand, Piyush surprised his wife and took her off to a trip along with close friends.
We have learnt that early in the morning Piyush woke up Akangsha and asked her to pack her bags. Even before she could collect her thoughts she saw their friends on the door ready to go. Soon they drove off to Della Resorts, Lonavla for a fun time ahead. And Akangsha definitely was more than happy with this special gift.
When we buzzed Piyush he smiled to share, “I am the romantic one in our relationship who also loves giving special surprises. Akangsha kept on asking me what I am up to this year and thus I was more concerned to do something really different this time. Till the night before our anniversary, I did not do anything or give her any gifts which convinced her that I have given up.”
“But early in the morning our close friends Saurabh Raaj Jain, his wife and Mickey Sharma came with bags packed and the gifts we had got. We asked her to pack in 30 minutes and off we went for a memorable trip. She was definitely shocked and I was happy to have managed to surprise her once again,” smiled the actor.
Sharing more about his trip Piyush shared, “We chose to stay in the luxury tents on top of a hill to enjoy monsoon and you won’t believe we were surrounded by floating clouds all throughout. It was a beautiful sight and I must say we had a very special time together.”
Wow!!! Aren’t they like those super lovey-dovey couple???