OMG! Moment For Gauhar Khan That Will Shock You!

OMG! Moment For Gauhar Khan That Will Shock You!

Gauhar khan has always been a controversy child. You never really know what is next in gauhar’s life. She has always been famous ever since her introduction as a model, later she had been caught on camera with her in and out boyfriend for public romance. Every news’ related to Gauhar becomes a highlight we surely love all the spice she creates with her appearances. She has been highly famous after her reality television show “khan sister”.

Let’s see some of the recent oops moments of Gauhar khan which kept her in spotlight-

1. This photo of Gauhar khan walking on the ramp without her underwear has been highly publicized by the media. Gauhar supposedly forgot to wear her under wear while she walked on the ramp. She was quite exposed in front of the camera later when she realized her wardrobe malfunction she bravely hid her buttocks and rushed back behind the stage.

2. The photos released by a news site shows again a major case of wardrobe malfunction in which we see that Gauhar’s under wear can be seen above her Saree. She probably didn’t realize her mistake till late. The photos had already gone viral by then.

3. At many instances we see Gauhar very openly showing off her perfect body. She has always been in news for her cleavage showing outfits. She has been highly criticized by some for being overly exposing. But boy who doesn’t want to show herself off with such a perfect figure.

4. We don’t blame Gauhar to be in love. But she has always been a camera favorite. She has been caught many a times romancing her house mate kushal tendon within the big boss house. There romance scenes are what got the serial an”a” rated certificate. She can sue make the screens sizzle.