Oh So Romantic! Why Shahid wanted Mira’s “M” to be above Shahid’s “S” in his wedding card!

Oh So Romantic! Why Shahid wanted Mira’s “M” to be above Shahid’s “S” in his wedding card!

The most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor, is taken! Shadoo as he is fondly called by fiance Mira, will tie the knot on July 7th in a grand ceremony in Gurgoan. We also got to see the wedding card a couple of days back. However, there is much more to this card than you may imagine. Indian Express published an interview with the card designer Ravish Kapoor, who spilled the beans on Shahid Kapoor’s wishes and orders for his card. Here are some excerpts:

Shahid wanted both his moms names in the card

“Yes. That’s so graceful. He has given respect to both of them. When we were designing the card, that day only he told us. Both are my mothers and both names should be there.’ He also said Neelima jee’s name should be above and then Supriya jee and then Pankaj jee.”

Shahid pays attention to detail

“Shahid was very particular about everything – font, colour. He doesn’t like Gold and he had told us to use minimum of Gold. So if you notice, we have written only his and Mira’s names in Gold. Then, he was the one who suggested us to keep tea in the box. His father Pankaj jee is like a connoiseur of tea, so we discussed with him too. The tea bags kept in the box are not the regular ones. We made a special blending and packaged them. And we kept the best quality honey in the bottles. Also, while we were picking these things up, we didn’t tell anybody for who we were doing this. I think now when the news is out, they’ll come to know that all of this was for Shahid”.

Card are for two functions

“We are making cards for two. Wedding cum reception on July 7 in Delhi and reception for Bollywood people on July 12 in Mumbai.”

Shahid wanted “M” above “S”

“In fact, earlier we had planned to design a logo and place it near peacock on the front cover. So I we kept “S” above “M”. He didn’t like it. He said, “Either S’ and M’ should be at the same level, or M’ should be above. en asked us to keep Mira’s parents’ name topmost. He was very particular about everything, about the peacock’s design, shape, direction, everything.”