No more underwear-revealing ads for Virat Kohli!

No more underwear-revealing ads for Virat Kohli!

Virat Kohli is the man of the moment, what with the many superlative performances in the ongoing Cricket World Cup matches. Virat, the poster boy of cricket, is also a popular face in Bollywood thanks to his connection with B-town starlet Anushka Sharma. Also, like many cricketer stars, Virat has tasted his share of ‘glamour’, via Ads and endorsement projects.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Virat touched upon the topic of ‘endorsements’. Virat explained how his perspective towards ‘endorsements’ has changed in the recent years.

Virat said, “Some of [the endorsements offered] are off the hook, man, you can’t even imagine…Some of the stuff I did initially, I wouldn’t do now. Lying around with girls in my underwear and stuff… That was just experimenting, getting a feel for how it works… I’d rather do my own line.”

Oh well, that makes it clear, somebody is getting all mature. Should we say this is the effect of a certain Ms Sharma on the handsome cricketer? Thoughts?

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