Nikita Sharma on her ‘first dating experience’

Nikita Sharma on her ‘first dating experience’
The very pretty and vivacious Nikita Sharma might be away from TV, but she is definitely still a beauty who can win hearts.
Recently as we chatted with the chirpy girl to share her take on first dating experience while growing up.
“It is strange to see young kids dating randomly these days. When I was young, a teenager, I actually had a different life altogether. It is a very interesting story of my first dating experience,” shared the girl.
“So there was this guy who I was in a relationship while I was 18-19. And interestingly we use to have a business together. We were running a successful bakery and were earning really well. At a time when people our age were visiting gardens and movies, we used to park our cars and date in Hyatt (smiles). And rather than mushy romance, we used to discuss business and money. It was such a different dating experience,” reminisced the lovely girl.
Nikita further added, “I think those were the days that taught me so much about life. Also this is when I realised my true passion towards work. The high you get when you earn your own money, is just too beautiful. Life has moved now, and I have not looked back, but the passion still remains. I want to really work hard and do the best for my life.”
Wow! Super great thoughts girl!