Nalini Negi to get ARRESTED?

Nalini Negi to get ARRESTED?
The ‘crime’ laden show Laut Aao Trisha definitely impressed viewers!

And now the lead actress of the show Nalini Negi has found herself in midst of a real life crime.

Last night (6 October), Nalini and her close friend Neha Nangia had been booked by the Mumbai police on charges of burglary.

As per a report in the media, the victim Renu Shironi (32) shared in her complain that she met Neha at a ramp show in Delhi along with her roommate Tanvi Gupta (22).

Neha reportedly had called up Renu to get a place for herself when she was in Mumbai. Renu offered her to share her flat at Shiriniti Heights as a roommate.

It is learnt that Neha had witnessed Renu and Tanvi securing their cash and valuables once. She had plotted this burglary back then only. As per reports, Neha allegedly got access to the valuables after she possessed the bunch of duplicate keys.

As per the police, Neha called her friend Nalini on 3 October, when Tanvi and Renu were away for a party. Along with another associate’s help they opened the locker and took away all the booty.

Reportedly when Renu returned, she realised her cupboard was open and most of the stuff gone. When she further inquired with the watchman, he revealed that Neha along with two others had gone to her apartment at 10 pm. He also shared that they returned back with a bag. As per the police, the CCTV footage had caught them in action leaving the building.

The CCTV footage now in the possession of the Bangur Nagar Police station in Goregoan, revealed Nalini’s involvement in this robbery.

The police have confirmed to the media that she is likely to be questioned and arrested.

A national news portal has Senior Police Inspector Santosh Bhandare from Bangur Nagar quoting, ”We have taken the FIR and further investigations are on”.

The ugly truth of the glamorous world is quite mysterious we must say!