Mysterious Girl! Decoding the secretive yet open ‘Katrina Kaif’

Mysterious Girl! Decoding the secretive yet open ‘Katrina Kaif’

She is the darling of the masses but Katrina Kaif comes across as wary & sometimes, cold towards the media. Not counting ‘Boom’, she’s been a popular star for 10 years. And as seasoned film journalists, will testify, Kat, has turned from being a sweet, friendly & warm girl to a wary, controlled superstar with managed statements to all questions. It’s the constant, unrelenting scrutiny on her private life that makes Katrina so wary of the press, and that makes her drop so many media interactions even before a film’s release. Having dated Salman Khan & now living in with Ranbir Kapoor, this British Indian actress simply refuses to let down her guard.

If a Karan Thapar couldn’t do better than make her regurgitate her quote on RK from a TOI interview last year, maybe it’s time the rest of us park our curiosity and leave her alone!

On Ranbir, Katrina stated that Ranbir Kapoor, unlike her, would greet every person on a film set with good mornings and hellos even at an early morning shoot. She, on the other hand, finds it ‘tiring’ to say more than 3 hellos and pretends to look down at a script or a phone.

And look at this reply from Katrina from an interview for TOI (September 2014): “The only difference between his behaviour and my behaviour, let’s say on a film set, is that while he is incredibly charming and polite with everyone that he comes in contact with, I don’t think he yet realises what an important and amazing trait that is, I will get tired after saying a good morning to just three people. He is incredibly polite at all times and makes that extra effort to come out of that circle of introspection and make that other person feel good.”

What many might find curious but I believe, is a firm safety net, is her lavish praise for Salman Khan. At the IT Conclave she said,

“He (Salman) is an amazing person. He is very unique. You don’t meet many people like Salman in the world. He will always remain very a important part of my life. Without him my journey could have been difficult,”

Crediting Salman Khan is something she steadily does after her break up with her mentor. While speaking to Anupama Chopra for her TV show on Star World, Katrina had reiterated that Salman is actually a meticulous actor who discusses his scenes in detail with director Kabir Khan (of Ek Tha Tiger). He downplays this aspect of his personality.

Firmly against speaking up about her personal life ever, Katrina had made a strong case for privacy against phone paparazzi when a ‘citizen journalist’ splashed pictures of a beach side holiday of her & RK across Indian media.

Even as Katrina smartly continues to evade questions around RK, one wonders when, if ever, will this diva let the world know about who she really is. Likeable, friendly and easy to banter with, a chat with Katrina Kaif is always fun. But to actually know her, well, I suppose, we’ll just have to park our journalistic hats. But then, for a young girl who lived alone (until recently) and worked hard on building a star (not an actor) career in a foreign land, Katrina’s guard up behavior is not difficult to understand.