“My troubles kept me so engaged that I did not get any time to experiment with chemicals” – Nattasha Singh

“My troubles kept me so engaged that I did not get any time to experiment with chemicals” – Nattasha Singh
Do you remember the bubbly and charming Kirti of yesteryear’s popular sitcom ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ whose pretty visage got embedded in the memory of viewers? She was Nattasha Singh who once again returned to shine in Zee TV’s ‘Saath Phere’ and Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Milan’. After a long break from work, the ever youthful Nattasha is raring to start a new chapter of her life. And she always has taken the first step by getting on-board a play called ‘Four Play’ which is making waves for its interesting theme and content. Pinkvilla.com spoke to the media shy Nattasha recently to talk about the unknown aspects of her life. Excerpts from the interview:
How has your personal life been all these years?
(laughs) I vanished for quite long! I am not married. I am very much single and happy at the moment. I just shifted to Andheri from Breach Candy. I am meeting a lot of people in the industry and my old friends. When people notice me these days, they are like – “Oh shit! She is still alive!” (laughs) But the thing is I was on a long sabbatical.
What motivated you to return to acting after so long?
Basically, I was missing acting. I was thinking of getting back to work as I have taken enough break. Vandana ji, the writer, producer and director put up an advertisement to invite entries from artists for her play called ‘Four Play.’ I knew her as a social network friend. I wrote to her to know more about the play. She sent me script and I liked role. I gave the audition and got selected.
I needed an on-screen personality that would suit me. I am neither a school kid anymore nor a saas-bahu soap kind of person. If you take Poo from K3G and Kirti of DBD, get her married and find that her husband is cheating on her, then how would she behave? The character gelled very well with the phases I have been through in real life. I had a problem with my last show – Saath Phere. My role was not accepted too well by the public. So, this play (Four Play) is perfect for me.
What is ‘Four Play’ all about?
It focuses on four couples who are in a relationship. It shows the scenario where if a man can cheat, so can a woman. I am placed opposite television actor Gaurav Chopraa in the play. It is comedy of bloopers and a play women empowerment with a different take. We will be travelling abroad as well for the play.
Please begin by telling us how did ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ happened?
If you hear the title song of DBD, it was my dad who sung it. One day Anand (Mahendru) uncle had come home for music sitting with my dad Ajit Singh. I was doing my homework while sitting on the table. Looking at me, he said – “You are Kirti!” I did know acting then as I was in school. Initially, he told me “Beta, if you don’t like the role, I will send the character to the boarding school. However, I went to the set and there was no looking back after that as it was the most fun time of my life.
How was working with team DBD? How was everyone’s nature on set?
Everybody was fabulous. We had become a real family. We used to shoot on weekends because there was no school for me to attend. There was no star on the set. Even the senior actors on the set used to sit together, eat and laugh together.
What are the most memorable moments you still cherish?
So it goes something like this – we were shooting in London for a special track. At that time, we got done with an episode in which Kirti becomes Sanju and vice-versa due to Hypnotism done by Chachu (Shekhar Sumar).
We never imagined how the episode will be received by the public. Somebody mailed Anand uncle a snippet of the public reaction. When we came to know about it, we jumped on the streets of London and started dancing in excitement!
I was very nervous when I joined the cast of DBD because it was the first acting break of my life. Whenever I got any scene to perform, I would panic. But the cast was very supportive.
Years later, I did ‘Milan’ which was directed by Mr. Lekh Tandon. I was excited about the show because it was Mr. Tandon who brought SRK on Television. The show did very well. I made good friends with the cast. Even the friends I made while doing ‘Saath Phere’ are still in touch with me.
Are you in touch with any member of the cast of DBD? I don’t meet them; but whenever we meet, it is just the same. There is no change in how we interact. The ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ team treats me like a kid even when I am grown up.
What do fans call you?
When I did ‘Milan’, people would call me Chanchal – the character I had played in the show. But overall I have been identified as Kirti. When I meet Indians in London, they recognise me as Kirti.
What have you been doing to look almost as young as you did ten to fifteen years back?
Since the past couple of years, I was going through terrible life situations. Perhaps those troubles kept me so engaged that I did not get any time to experiment with chemicals. I am an Ayurveda queen as I always stick to Ayurvedic remedies. I am also a workout freak and in all my free time these days, I work out. I have tried Belly Dance, Salsa and Zumba as well.
As far as diet is concerned, I can’t diet. But instead of white rice, I eat brown rice. I ensure adding protein in my meal. Even at a party, I eat sensibly. Tuch wood, by God’s grace, I have working out.
Are you open to doing reality shows?
Yes, I am.
Do you think TV has changed over all these years? How was shooting 10-20 years ago?
I believe standard of shooting has changed. Today we have nice lighting on the set and nice make-up to wear for the shoot. I don’t know any changes in the work environment as I was working for TV for many years. But the last time I worked, it was total chaos.
Something about Nattasha that is not known to public or mentioned in the Wikipedia…
I have had my share of ups and downs. I have good energy levels and like meeting good people. But if anyone thinks life is a cake walk, then it is wrong to think like that. You have to keep being positive and moving forward. I don’t give up. My faith in God is stronger than anything else. That is why I am back and people are giving me a warm welcome.