My fans are connected more to the name Riddhima

My fans are connected more to the name Riddhima

What’s in a name? (Written by Shakespeare)  Well a name is our identity and our calling to the world!  And changing one’s name is quite a big decision.  Unlike other actors like Gauhar Khan, Manish Raisinghani, etc who merely changed the spellings of their names, Shilpa Anand has completely given her name a revamp.  And what’s the new name are you wondering?  Its Ohanna Shivanand!

Heres a candid chat with the lovable Riddhima who crafted a hit pair with Dr. Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) on Dill Mill Gaye, on becoming Ohanna Shivanand from Shilpa Anand.

What made you to come up with a new name and why Ohanna?

Earlier I use to live in Africa and America where Shilpa was a very unique name but when I came to India it was like there were five Shilpa’s in my class.  Since then I had this thing to change my name and make it a unique one. However it just kept getting postponed.  My mom and I came across the name Ohanna which means God’s special gift. It’s very unique and later I switched to my original surname Shivanand because it sounded better with Ohanna. So now its’ officially Ohanna Shivanand and I am very happy with my new name.

So with the change of name do you hope for a change in your career and life?

Honestly I don’t know much about astrology and all but I think if you feel good then go ahead and do it. I have a strong belief in the law of attraction as well as positive thinking, so if you are feeling good with new name then I am sure it will do well for you.

So what kinds of reactions are coming for your new name?

It is sort of a mixed one as some people have liked the new name while some are like why have you chosen such a weird name. But then I understand everybody’s reaction as to everyone has a unique way of thinking some may like it and some may not.

Do you think your fans could connect you with your new name Ohanna?

With due course of time ofcourse they will. I completely understand that my fans are connected to me with the name Shilpa but earlier they had fallen in love with me because of my character Riddhima. Later on they realized that ‘oh’ her name is Shilpa, even now at times I come across many people who acknowledge me as Riddhima not Shilpa. So I think it’s just the personality, the aura and the way you carry yourself – all these things should resemble your identity and not your name. They known me as Shilpa for long and so its their choice on whether they want to address me as Shilpa Or Ohanna.

Well with Shilpa turning to Ohanna we wish her all the best and with the new name we hope it brings more luck and success to her life!