Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi: Falguni wants Ishani and Ranveer to get married

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi: Falguni wants Ishani and Ranveer to get married

In tonight’s exciting episode Baa’s intention to destroy Ishani’s life gets exposed in front Falguni.

Ranveer and his mother discuss about Parekh family. While Ranveer is of the opinion that her mother shouldn’t have broken Disha’s marriage, Amba feels she did the correct thing. According to her, Hansa Parekh should know how it feels to have a daughter whose character is questioned by others. And she also felt that Ranveer himself should have insulted Disha as she was the one to destroy his life. Ranveer though feels that his mother is wrong.

At Parekh house, Disha is furious with Baa as she thinks that it’s all because of Baa that they are now homeless. She blurts out everything about how Baa had plotted against Ishani and wanted her to get married to Chirag as he is a characterless guy. Disha also reveals that Ranveer didn’t even touch her and it’s all because of her Baa that she had to lie against Ranveer. Baa gets furious and asks Disha to shut her mouth and stop accusing her because if she does, Baa will leave her nowhere.

Soon Baa and Falguni have a face off and as usual Falguni is taunted for her low-class. To this surprisingly Falguni smiles without replying her back and takes Baa to her room. She then tells Baa that Ranveer has not come for revenge but to give back Ishani what she deserves. As Ishani has always been deprived of love and respect from Parekh Mansion, Ranveer has come back to give her all the happiness. She now wants Ranveer and Ishani to get married.

It is then shown that Falguni had heard Disha and Baa’s conversation. She remembers Harshad’s each and every word and now thinks why Harshad had always believed and had more faith on Ranveer than on her. She now decides to get them married at any cost.

Sharmaan hands over Rs 25K to Ishani and asks her to give the money to Ranveer and leave the job. And Ishani vows never to cross path with Ranveer again.

What step will Falguni take to bring Ishani and Ranveer closer?