Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi: Chirag hatches a plan to get contract from Ranveer

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi: Chirag hatches a plan to get contract from Ranveer

Ishani arrives office to meet RV, return him his money and leave the office forever. He asks his assistant to tell RV that she wants to meet him. She gets informed the RV is busy in a meeting. Ishani peeps through RV’s office window pane and she notices him to have a meeting with a lawyer.

Ishani realizes that he is same lawyer who is fighting their case. She thinks Ranveer is plotting against them so that they don’t get back their house. Now Ishani decides not to leave office but stay there and find out what Ranveer is up to. On the other hand, Ranveer speaks to the lawyer about the Parekh Mansion and tells that the case has to be on Parekh family’s favour anyhow.

Ishani remembers the day when Ranveer had promised her to be by her side all the time and how he has changed over the years. Ranveer’s past thoughts angers Ishani and tells him that she had earlier thought of leaving the office but now she wants to stay back.

Ranveer mocks her saying he has removed her chair from desk as he thought she won’t be coming back. Ishani storms out of his cabin and starts to work…standing.

Seeing Ishani, Ranveer too stands from his chair and looks at her while she works.

And playboy Chirag is busy making his body. His father comes and scolds him to pay little more attention at work rather than his body. Chirag informs that he has appointed his girlfriend to get a contract from RV. He instructs his girlfriend to flirt with RV. The girl comes to RV’s office to make a presentation. While everybody sits, Ishani doesn’t budge and stand instead even on RV’s request. RV forcefully makes her sit and holds the chair tight so that she can’t get up.

Can RV hide his real feelings from Ishani and will Ishani get to know about RV’s clear intentions instead of misunderstanding?