Meet First Ever Girlfriend of Salman Khan Who Almost Got Married to Him.

Meet First Ever Girlfriend of Salman Khan Who Almost Got Married to Him.
No denying the fact that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s personal life always intrigues the movie buffs, be it about his court cases or girlfriends. And the biography of this ‘Dabangg’ Khan has served cherry on cake for most of the cinema buffs.
Authored by Delhi-based journalist Jasim Khan, the biography titled ‘Being Salman Khan’covers the untouched shades of this Khan. It includes his first girlfriend and all the incidents which relate her, that still remain unspoken. Who was she, how the two met, how the two got separated and who was behind their break up. So here we bring to you the excerpts from Jasim’s book and give you all the dope of this unsaid love story of Salman.
Granddaughter of late superstar of black and white era Ashok Kumar, Shaheen Jaffrey was a model. The 50-year-old actor was said to be just 19 when he dated Shaheen. Khan used to stand outside Shaheen’s college for long hours in his red coloured sports car.
Biswadeep Ghosh, author of ‘Hall of Fame: Salman Khan’ mentioned in his book that Khan introduced Shaheen as his girlfriend to the family. Moreover, both Khan and Jaffrey’s family accepted their relation and it was believed that both would soon get married. But unfortunately, destiny had other plans for the two as Sangeeta Bijlani entered Khan’s life and became the soul the reason for their break-up.
According to the biography, Sangeeta was going through a break up phase with then-boyfriend Binju Ali and visited hotel Sea Rock’s health club to fight with her loneliness, where the ‘Kick’ actor was often spotted with Shaheen.
It was Sangeeta’s maturity that attracted Salman towards her. Although Salman mentioned Bijlani’s entry in his life after breaking up with Shaheen but the truth behind this isn’t the same. Soon after their separation, Miss Jaffrey started working in an international airline and moved on in her life. 
The whole ‘first ever girlfriend of Salman Khan’ story was revealed in the year 2014 by Fugly actress Kiara Advani. And you will be amazed to know that Shaheen is Kiara’s aunt in real life. In an interview to one of the leading daily Kiara said, “My mom knew Salman sir as they grew up together in Bandra. He would often tell my mother Genievev Advani how one day he would be a star. She introduced my mausie Shaheen to him and Salman sir and Shaheen mausie dated each other long back. It may have possibly been their first relationship.”
“I do not want to name anyone. It was someone else but not Somy Ali. We were just waiting for the Salman’s marriage date.
 I do not wish to name, but it was almost final. Wedding Month was decided, but eventually things changed, 10 to 12 years ago, “said Salman’s aunt Sofia Khanam in a rare interview.
“Marriages are made in heaven and, that is why my wedding failed to reach the final spot quite a few times,” Salman confessed during Bigg Boss 2013 press con.
More than a mother, I’m their friend and that is why my children never hide things from me. I know all their secrets and in fact Salman had a girlfriend at a very tender age of 13. Moreover, I encourage
Salman to bring his girlfriends home,” Salma Khan said in an interview to Filfare magazine back in 1990.